X Games: The BMX Way

X Games is a sports event organized for those who are on for some dirty road biking.

This is a seasonal event covered by two of the biggest sports media – the ABC Sports and the ESPN. Competitors are given the chance to show off what they’ve got during the Winter X Games and the Summer X Games. The Winter X Games are held in January and the Summer X Games are usually held in August.

The X Games has continued to gain popularity through the help of their sponsors and fans. Not only does this promote sportsmanship but the event has always promoted an earth-friendly slogan with the usage of biodiesel fuel.

BMX being the top choice for most bikers has of course led this industry for quite some time already.

For Winter X Games, BMX showcases:

BMX freestyle dirt

BMX Freestyle Flatland

BMX downhill

On the other hand, Summer X Games holds:

BMX Freestyle Vert

BMX Freestyle Park

BMX Freestyle Street

BMX Freestyle Big Air

The disciplines created out of BMX include the above stunts and tricks. You can join the demo or you can choose to race. Freestyling which was started in 1975 is a popular choice. There are no specific rules and creativity is emphasized here.

Whatever your job may be, may it be in realestate perth or property holdings in Sydney, one of the best getaways is to go biking. If you get so good at it, go for the wild zone. The X Games has proven the durability and endurance of BMX since the 80’s time and has never failed to get its way through the field of biking both locally and internationally. So if you have a BMX, have fun getting dirty on the road. When the road gets tough, you can only get tougher with BMX.