The Rules For Mixed Netball That Make It Different From X Games

Mixed NetballIn the game of netball, there are basic player rules that have to be mastered to be able to play the game effectively.  First is the Rule of “Contact”. It doesn’t state in the rule book that “no touching is allowed” which baffles many people who participate in the game. Physical touch is not accepted so any kind of contact, either on purpose or accidental will result in a penalty shot or pass.

The Rule of Obstruction pertains to all special use of the court. All player positions throughout the court have particular spots where they are permitted to move across. The Goal Shooter and the Goal Keeper positions are not allowed to make use of more than one third of the ‘Goal thirds’ when they play. Standing very near to a player holding the ball, or stepping into the landing spot of the opponent is never allowed. No player is permitted to put a player off the game using intimidation.

The Rule “Held Ball”. Since netball by nature is supposed to be a fast-flowing game where players are only allowed to keep the ball in their possession for 2.9 seconds, players should be able to commit a play decision below three seconds.

The Stepping Rule makes stepping a crucial consideration in the game of mixed netball. The landing foot or feet occur as a player is about to grab the ball. Players are prohibited to drag or slide their landing foot, so is hopping.