The History Of BMX


When talking about outdoor sports, there is one sport that comes into mind to most people, bicycling. Folks from all ages and sexes enjoy doing this activity when they are out in the open. But in these days, people are more adventurous and they tend to engage in activities that are not usual and one […]

The Exhilarating Kinds Of BMX Tricks

BMX Tricks

A lot of kids these days seek a different kind of thrill. Not just the thrill you can find watching thrilling movies. Plain outdoor trekking wouldn’t suffice either. There must be an “it” factor behind every adventure. This is where they are led to extreme sports. The adrenaline it gives makes them beg for more. Hence, the […]

BMX Bike: One Great Ride

BMX Bike

For most of the people, riding a bike brings no extraordinary feeling. Not something they can feel elated with. However, other people have a different way of looking at this. They feel a sense of fulfillment and it shows in every performance they cater to the public. Every now and then, an extreme game show is held […]

Guides To Maintain The Quality Of Your Oakley Frames While Using BMX Bikes

Oakley Glasses

You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to take extra care of my Oakley glasses? Heck, they’re Oakleys! They’re practically indestructible!” Well, this may be somewhat true, but there are still a lot of things that can happen to your designer glasses that they may not be impervious to. Besides, will you really risk it? […]