Things To Check Before Doing BMX Tricks

There is this certain admiration for folks that are able to do BMX tricks that makes you want to try the tricks out.  While some BMX tricks seem to be impossible to master there are also tricks that are fit for beginners and aspiring BMX tricks enthusiasts.

Of course it goes without saying that doing BMX tricks takes a lot of preparation, not to mention care, to pull off.  Even then, it can really be rewarding for one to aspire to do tricks on a bike and pull it off perfectly.

Safety like in most activities that require it, need some investment in terms of equipment and the like.  Safety gear should be first of on your checklist before attempting at any BMX tricks no matter how simple.  Read on the following tips as you get started with tricks with your BMX bike:

Bike: Your bike should be suited to the trick you want to try.  Several bikes have been made for different functions—dirt jumping, freestyle, motocross etc.  If you opt for a basic BMX bike make sure you got the essential parts covered—chain guards, fenders, kickstand, etc.  The bike itself should be up for the job, so choose well.

Helmet: Remember when you were first introduced to a bicycle when you were little you got a helmet with it.  When it comes to bikes, helmets are must-haves.  Depending on the helmet you’ll be more comfortable with while doing your BMX tricks you can opt for an open face helmet or a full face one.

Knee pads: You don’t want your knees skinned when practicing your BMX tricks, so don’t take chances and go grab yourself some knee pads before you even attempt on those tricks.  Look for comfort and durability when choosing your knee pads.  Consider that the knees are the most prone to injury so it’s important to have this one checked on your list.  Better yet when choosing, ask for one especially designed for BMX.

Elbow pads: Similar to knee pads, elbow pads protect elbows from getting skinned whenever bike skids happen (usually often for beginners).  While it is easier to protect your elbows than your knees, it’s better to get the confidence out of knowing you have got yourself protected.

Gloves: These are not really must-haves as a helmet or a knee pad would be, but it helps you get a good grip on the bike and control it better.  Gloves are no good if they don’t fit your hands well.  Make sure they are comfortable and that comfy enough to be worn during the duration of your BMX tricks practice.

Shoes: Though you can practically choose any shoe you like, you would be better off with the extra grip provided by biking shoes.  An alternative to biking shoes are tennis shoes for this activity.