Dare To Do Your Stunt With BMX Bikes

Bicycle motocross or BMX is an extreme racing on a bicycle in motocross style.  The thrill and excitement of the race include the rugged tracks and expressive obstacles.  BMX is also termed to the bicycle itself that is designed for dirt and motocross cycling.  BMX is the abbreviation for bicycle motocross and popular for both casual and sports.

The frames of the BMX bikes are made of various types of steel and aluminum.  The cheaper, low end bikes are usually made of steel, while the mid-range bikes are mostly Chromoly or the Chromium and Molydenum combined into an alloy, a high-tensile steel, although the latter is noticeably heavier with respect to strength. The high-performance BMX bikes generally use for racing, use 4130 Chromoly, or the generation three Chromoly also referred to as the aircraft tubing.

The wheels of BMX usually have 36 spokes, which is used for the freestyle ride and street jumping stunts.  Some aggressive riders use 48 spokes, which are needed due to extra strength required.  Race bike wheels are usually 36 spokes while for the smaller racers, the wheel bikes have 18-28 spokes.

The Bicycle-Motocross is famous for jump-stunts.  The Double is the most common form of dirt-jump.  This will undertake two separate earthworks. One for the take-off and the other is for the landing. This is also called the Gap-jump.

Other jumps later evolved to other stunts such as the Superman, the 360 Downside Tailwhip, Special Flip, and more. You can create new stunts with the BMX bikes.