BMX Bikes Freestyle Moves

Biking has come a long way from being just a tool for transportation. Just like kettlebell workouts, through the efforts of collective innovators, it has gotten to what it is supposed to be – A sporty tool. And BMX, has never been left behind.

This may not be new to most of the biking enthusiasts; but what they may not know is that there are a lot of recreational activities they could work around with their bikes. One good example is doing the freestyle moves.

Also known as stunt riding, freestyle BMX has been known as one of the ever extreme sports many athletes fancy about. There is a fascination over how it completely turns bike riding into something more – and this something more refers to the stunts riders show off using the BMX bike.

This kind of sport started way back 1975. It includes street, park, vert, trails, and flatland biking. With that said, it could be inferred that freestyle is done almost anywhere possible. The more extreme the moves are, the more applause is given.

During the late part of 1980’s, bikes were starting to be remodelled to sustain and surpass the challenge of comprehensive riding. You see, a freestyle move is never possible without the durability and endurance of the bike a biker is using.

Park bikes are used on skateparks that can outlast abrupt weather changes. They are also almost the same with street bikes wherein there is a need for brakes. Vert bikes are also known for heavy duty capability and strength. Front and rear brakes are also necessary for flatland bikes since this helps in balancing the weight of the body over the bike.

You could just imagine how tricky and not to mention, dangerous these freestyle moves could be. But like any other extreme sports, the more dangerous it would look, the more fun-filled it would be for viewers and the biker. And since safety is to be considered, freestyle is best done with BMX.